My car car-small.gif broke down down-small.gif in a bad part of town. I called the police police-small.gif and they told me to hide in the woods woods-small.gif until a tow tow-truck-small.gif truck arrived. I wandered. Come to find out, a a-small.gif couple of days later a rash poison-ivy-small.gif spread all over me. It was poison ivy. I eye-small.gif was shut in for months months-small.gif and this activated my agoraphobia house-small.gif. Since I have been agoraphobic agoraphobic-small.gif, I have been dating A LOT of men men-small.gif. One encounter was the cause of my pregnancy pregnancy-small.gif. Now I have cancer cancer-small.gif and my leg hurts.

"Why did I fail?" by Bianca Hockensmith